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Fishing on the Dal lake

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Colourful bylane

Cycling on Mandalay Line Mandalay line in Range Hills at Khadki is one of my favourite areas for cycling. It is quiet with little traffic. It passes via what used to be the Bomb Disposal Squad campus. Their unit shifted sometime ago. Last week when I was cycling on this stretch, noticed this bylane with brilliant colours of Bougainvillea and Gulmohar . The presence of a red car and a black dog who kind of posed for this picture, added the drama. (Pune, June 2022)

Changing colours of the leaves from the morning walk

Pictures from the morning walk today As the winter recedes, one can see several changes around. The leaves start changing their colours and ultimately they take a bow. There is this tree near our place which throws up spectacular transition of colours around this time each year. Happened to pick up some nice pictures today morning. (shot on Fujifilm X100V)

Bamboo leaves at home

Bamboo leaves at home Bamboo leaves make fascinating visuals. When seen against light, they look stunning. Shot a series of pictures of these bamboo leaves at the balcony of our apartment. It is fresh green and shades of green with little bit of yellow thrown in at times. Very fresh colours they are.  It had rained for quite some time when I shot these pictures. The atmosphere was perfect. It was as if the conditions were created such that I could capture the true colours with all their hues and the freshness of this life form.  The colours stood out as the leaves were freshly washed with few droplets still gently rolling down the leaves as if to tell the story of the rains that had washed them clean and fresh. Shot on Nikon D750 with Nikkor lens 50 mm f/1.4 My blogs : My pictures with their little stories Indiaart Gallery  Blog for programmes & initiatives of Indiaart & Art India Foundation

World Photography Day - Feature in today's Hindustan Times

World Photography Day World Photography Day - Feature in Hindustan Times Here is the blog post about this article

Green at a Wadi at Guhagar

Wadi at Guhagar Green at a Wadi, Guhagar Each wadi in Kokan has a dense plantation of trees. The leaves look fabulous when you see them illuminated by the sunrays from behind. Yet there are areas where the sunlight cannot reach, creating beautiful patterns of light and shadow. (Guhagar, 2018) My pictures with their little stories

Bicycle and the house at Guhagar

We came across this house while walking around leisurely in Guhagar. A bicycle parked in the main passage to this house, grabbed all the attention. (Guhagar, 2018) See my blog posts of Seascapes and Coastal Life